“The Bounty” Review

The Bounty (1984)

Based on real events and adapted from a book by Richard Hough, ‘The Bounty’ tells the story of an expedition voyage of a British ship HMS Bounty to the island of Tahiti, the Pacific. Led by Captain William Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) and Master’s mate, Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson), the ship soon crosses the most dangerous waters in search of an island full of bread plants. However, the harsh discipline of the Captain on board and the attractions of the tropical paradise soon become too irresistible for the crew. The eventual mutiny on the ship, headed by Christian, is only the beginning of the adventure in which the levels of maritime skill and endurance become the ultimate factors of survival.  

It is impossible not to emphasise the cast here: apart from Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson in their respective lead roles, ‘The Bounty’ also stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the Sailing Master, Liam Neeson as the Ship’s Corporal, Philip Davis as the Midshipman and Lawrence Olivier as Admiral Hood. Some even say that it was ‘The Bounty’ which helped to rocket to stardom such distinguished actors nowadays as Anthony Hopkins, Liam Neeson and Daniel Day-Lewis, whose role in ‘The Bounty’ was the first most significant one in his career.

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